When & Why

Let's start with that "never wash your jeans" lemma. Look, if you don't want to wash your jeans, that's up to you to decide. They are your jeans! But if that advice sounds a little odd to you, well, that's because it is.


Here's the thing: The never-wash people claim that laundering will break down the denim and cause the dye to fade, but what they leave out is that the buildup of dirt, skin, your natural body oils, and environmental grime will also cause the material to break down. Hulk & Buckle jeans are not just dyed they are 100% cotton which means the quality of denim used will not allow the dye-fade out situation to be too substantial. But hey, if they fade send the back to us. 


Wear will also cause the dye to fade. So! If you prefer wearing clean pants, go ahead and wash your jeans secure in the knowledge that you're not doing major damage to them. In fact, in many ways you'll ensure they last longer. 

In terms of when to wash them, it really depends on how much you've worn them and what you've been doing in them, I say that without being too intrusive.  If they smell, are dirty, or are sagging at the knees, they're probably due for a spin in the washing machine. Even if they don't, remember that most laundry soil is invisible and aim to wash your jeans maybe every 6-12 wearings.


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