About Us


Hulk & Buckle is a  British Clothing & Apparels business selling the latest trends. We started in Early 2017, to provide quality and style to fit the current needs of today’s market. 

Merging style and comfort with urban luxury and a sense of humour, our jeans are ethically designed to last. Our design ethos is to make our jeans last with purpose, driven by our passion for innovation. All of our products showcase our unique style, whilst highlighting individual purpose; Hulk & Buckle is an independent label to watch out for. We are on-trend, innovative and ethically conscious.

We support fair clothing manufacture, as we believe sustainability is vital for fashion nowadays. Our denim is ethically-sourced and of the best quality denim. We believe that Ethical is the new black and the future of clothing. Our jeans align with our values. It is a firm belief of ours that our brand has a fundamental responsibility to make a positive contribution to society and are committed to keeping this as one of our main goals.